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Cry of the Prophets

The Mission and Future Destiny of the English-Speaking Peoples Outlined in the Bible.

Today, an unclean spirit is infecting society with a grievous and deadly plague. It is the spirit of a godless Humanism, but no longer recognisable as such, as it was in the days of Marxism and the Communist era. Today it comes disguised as Christian and uses religious phraseology to express itself. This unclean spirit is manifested in several political forms—but its source can be identified with the social doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, and it is through these doctrines that all nations are being deceived—Revelation 18:23.

This booklet attempts to look at a broad picture in the light of Scripture—and in doing so concludes that we must expect circumstances to bring Britain and other English-speaking nations into the Middle East where they will meet their destiny in a future crisis. May we be personally prepared by taking heed to the Cry of the Prophets—Zech. 1:4; 2 Pet. 1:19.

The Vital Message of The Revelation

For Christ's Servants Today.

There are circumstances today which make the message of the book of Revelation particularly urgent and relevant for us. It will be our task in the first chapter of this study to explain the reasons for this conclusion. Readers are requested to patiently consider the points made, with the open Bible before them; these points have led the writer to feel it imperative that these things should be placed before his brethren and sisters for their prayerful consideration.

May we urge attention here to the words of the living Jesus which have been communicated to us from heaven: “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the ecclesias.” The words suggest that there must first be a willingness to listen. If we think that these matters are unimportant and that they are “not essential”, then we are not going to give them the priority that they deserve, and that is what we feel is happening in the brotherhood today. It is only those who are willing to “hear” this message who can be blessed with an understanding of it.

How Will Christ Come?

The Way to Jerusalem

The subject of this little booklet is a thrilling one, focussing our thoughts upon the coming of Christ and providing us with a vision of future things as we are guided through the prophetic word by the author. It will be found that the conclusions arrived at not only reflect a deep understanding of the word of God, but are logical in concept. The coming of Christ with the saints to Jerusalem (Zech. 14;3-5) is seen in a realistic and practical setting—one that is satisfying and encouraging to us. The conclusions are—in the main—a reflection of what Christadelphians have believed about Christ's coming since the time of Bro. John Thomas.