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PDF Vol. 27 - #2
Russia's Challenge to Europe
The Meaning of the Crisis in Ukraine

1. Anatolia & Human Thinking - John Thomas
2. Russia Triumphant, Europe Chained! - John Ramsden
3. Russia's Bid for the Conquest of Europe. - Paul Billington
4. The Bible in the News - Matt Davies
5. What Ought to be Done at this Crisis? - Frank Abel
6. Are we Prepared for This? Military Service
7. Humanism: The Enemy of the God of Israel - Paul Billington
8. Moab Revisited - Arthur Bull
9. Atheists Old & New - Ken Loveridge
10. Editorial - The Power of Creation
11. The Bible Challenges Theistic Evolution - Ron Kidd

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PDF Vol. 27 - #1
The Prophecy of Daniel
ANATOLIA: 160th Anniversary of the Exposition of Daniel

1. ANATOLIA: 160th Anniversary of the Exposition of Daniel - John Thomas
2. A Man Greatly Beloved - Brian Luke
3. What Shall be in the Latter Days - Matt Davies
4. Diagrammatic Explanation of Daniel Chapters 2, 7 & 8
5. The Rise & Fall of Babylon the Great - Paul Billington
6. Russia in the News for 160 Years 1854-2014
7. The Seventy Weeks Prophecy - Ron Kidd
8. Delivered out of the Mouth of the Lion
9. Babylon is Fallen - Rollin's History
10. How Did Babylon Fall - Ken Loveridge
11. Faith in Bible Prophecy Vindicated - Graham Pearce
12. Canada & Israel Linked by By Bible Prophecy - Paul Billington
13. The Failure of Judaism - David Billington
14. If a Man Die shall he Live Again? - Arthur Bull
15. Editorial "Let him that readeth understand"
16. Milestones Update - Don Pearce


PDF Vol. 26 - #4
Bronze Age Sea Traders
Navigating the globe to trade their wares

1. The Land of Metals - John Carter
2. Tyre: Ancient & Modern Lessons for Today - Ron Kidd
3. Britain: The Daughter of Tyre - John Thomas
4. King Hiram of Tyre - Ken Loveridge
5. Britain, East of Suez and Bible Prophecy - Don Pearce
6. Tyre: "Thy borders are in the midst of the sea"
7. "They that go down to the sea in ships" - Paul Billington
8. "From Llandudno to the Markets of Tyre" - Paul Billington
9. Towards the Redemption - Paul Billington
10. Christendom of the Churches Astray from the Gospel - Robert Boberts
11. In Perilous Times - Graham Pearce
12. Gifts to Gratitude Update - David & Jaqueline Griffin
13. Controlling & Governing the Assembly of Believers - Editorial
14. Milestones Update - Syria-Russia & the Decline of the Western World - Don Pearce
15. Why Study Daniel & the Apocalypse?
16. The Cause of true unity


PDF Vol. 26 - #3
to Come

1. Judgment to Come - Paul Billington
2. Book Review: Remember Lot's Wife, Discovering the City of Sodom by Steven Collins
3. "And Lot sat in the Gate of Sodom" - Leen Ritmeyer
4. Israel: From Judgment to Glory - Ron Kidd
5. Accountability to Judgment - Graham Pearce
6. The Devastating Power of the Almighty
7. The Assyrian Army in Israel - Ken Loveridge
8. World Events Under Divine Control - Paul Billington
9. Interview with Daniel Luria in Jerusalem - Paul Billington
10. Extract: Discovering Jerusalem (Archaeology)
11. Is The New Testament Antisemitic?  - David Billington
12. Remember the Law of Moses - Paul Billington


PDF Vol. 26 - #2
Gentile Times
in the Apocalypse

1. Daniel's Prophecy and the Uprise of Zion. Written in 1946. Graham Pearce
2. Come Out of Her My People. Frank Abel
3. Istanbul: Constantinople: Seat of the Ancient Roman Empire. Beulah Edwards
4. Israel's New Government. David Billington
5. Cyprus: Russia's Stepping-stone to Doom! John Ramsden
6. The Unseen Hand. Paul Billington
7. The Unfolding Book of Revelation. Ron Kidd
8. Gentile Times in the Apocalypse. Paul Billington
9. Daniel and the Apocalypse. John Thomas
10. Editorial. The Converging Signs of Our Time.
11. Milestones Update: A New pope in Rome, Russia, the Vatican and Israel, Britain and Europe.


PDF Vol. 26 - #1
The Call to Protect Israel
A Course That Cannot be Evaded

Europe, Britain & the Nation of Israel: A Course Which Cannot be Evaded. Paul Billington
1. The Cities of Refuge. Don Pearce
2. The Duration of Human Rule over the World. John Thomas
3. God is Spirit. From The Bible Magazine Issue #1
4. A Call to Zion’s Watchmen: What lies Ahead for Israel? Paul Billington
5. The Reformation of Israel by Elijah the Prophet. Graham Pearce
6. Historical Pattern for Latter Day Events. Ron Kidd
7. Napoleon. Brian Luke
1. Editorial The Hope of Humanism contrasted with the Hope of Israel
2. Milestones Update 35 years of Milestones. Don Pearce
3. History Background The Sons of the Prophets
4. Commentary on the news. Matt Davies
5. Back Page Feature: Evolutionists Trapped!


PDF Vol. 25 - #4
He gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon

1. The Valley of Jehoshaphat: Joel's Vision of Armageddon. Don Pearce
2. Latter Day Alliances. Carl Parry
3. In the Hebrew Tongue: Armageddon. Paul Billington
4. Armageddon: The World will never be the same! Frank Abel
5. The Coming of Christ & The Gathering to Armageddon. Graham Pearce
1. Can These Bones Live? Ron Kidd
2. The Mark of the Beast & The Seal of God. Paul Billington
3. Islam on the Warpath.
4. Learning to Forgive. Written by the late Fred Crawford
1. Milestones: Update The focus in this issue is on Israel's economy & the changing Middle East. Don Pearce
2. Editorial: The mounting crisis involving Israel & Iran could pave the way for Russia to move into Iran.
3. History Background: Tell Megiddo
4. Back Page Feature: Early Tourism to the Holy Land!


PDF Vol. 25 - #3
Milestones in Europe
Breakup or Superstate?

1. The Battle for Europe. The Bible informs us of the past, but also of the future. Current warnings echo what we know from Scripture: that judgement is coming upon Europe.
2. A French Revolution. Events in France are discussed by Jonathan Bowen.
3. Milestones in Europe. Two sections focus on Europe by Donald Pearce.
4. The Truth of the Fourth Beast. Brian Luke
5. Vatican Call for Global Authority. David Billington
6. Preparing for Gog's Superstate

1. Keys to The Understanding of The Book of Revelation. Judith & Philip White
2. Who Are the Christadelphians & What do they Believe? John Thomas (in 1869)
3. Praise ye the LORD Giving praise through music. Paul Billington
4. The Jerusalem Reclamation Project. Jews returning to Zion: A Report by the Editor.
5. Beloved for the Fathers' Sakes. Paul Billington
6. From Gifts to Gratitude, A Christadelphian Activity. David & Jaqueline Griffin

1. Milestones: Our usual update is expanded in this issue to cover Europe. Don Pearce
2. Editorial: We mark 25 volumes of The Bible Magazine & its work.
3. History Background "Galilee of the Gentiles" A survey of the history of the land where Jesus walked.
4. Back Page Feature Birds with a built-in GPS ("Satnav" for British birds!)


PDF Vol. 25 - #2
The Hope of Israel
"O the hope of Israel, the saviour thereof in time of trouble" Jer. 14:8

There is a great purpose unfolding in the restoration of the Jewish nation!

1. Don Pearce looks at those things Abraham hoped for
2. Paul Billington takes us through the evidence that tells us what happened to the real historical Christ, showing that he is alive today
3. The Birth of Political Zionism : Its meaning to Bible believers
4. David Billington lifts another corner on the chapter of history that saw the Revival of the Hebrew Language
5. The Trial of Adolf Eichmann: Two exhibitions in Israel mark the fifty years since his capture
6. The British Mandate over Palestine by Brian Luke
7. Next Year in Jerusalem: The Jewish Exile & the Hope of Return by Ken Loveridge
8. The Return to Zion by Paul Billington
9. Frank Abel writes about the Nation of Israel and its part in the Gospel Promises.
10. Editorial: The Only Hope
12. BACK PAGE: The Resurrection of Israel


PDF Vol. 25 - #1
The Reformation
How the light of Bible Truth Shone Through the Darkness

As people read the Bible the light of the word was
gradually changing society

1. Burning Heretics as Demonized witches
2. THE REFORMATION: What Really Changed? by Ron Kidd
3. Witnesses, Prophets & Saints Extract From Elpis Israel
4. "SEEDS OF REFORMATION" by Paul Billington
6. Current Event: U.S. & Britain to Defend Middle East
7. THE REFORMATION DOOR Zurich Cathedral
8. The Harlot, her Daughters & Abominations by Paul Billington
9. Witnesses in Sackcloth by Paul Billington
10. The Counter Reformation by Don Pearce
12. The Fall of Constantinople & The Reformation by Ken Loveridge
13. Dare to Stand Alone: Reformers require courage!
15. John Thomas: wrote of Witnesses, Prophets & Saints. What is the difference? Perhaps not what we usually think!
16. BACK PAGE: The Spirit of Life from God


PDF Vol. 24 - #4
Britain, Catholic Europe & the Middle East
The Truth Behind 100 Years of History

1. The Downtreading of the Holy People.
2. Revolution: The Arab Spring.
3. The Kingdom of God: Israel or the Church?
4. Britain, Catholic Europe & The Middle East
5. Wait Upon the LORD.
6. FATIMA: The Conversion of Russia & The Subjugation of Europe.
7. Where Jesus "...increased..."
8. Time no longer, in a fast moving world.
10. John Thomas: The Day of Vengeance & Year of the Redeemed.
11. Treasures of the Truth.
12. BACK PAGE: The Invisible things of Him.


PDF Vol. 24 - #3
The Protestant Throne of Britain
& the Restoration of the Jews

1. Written With the Finger of God.
2. How was our Bible Compiled.
3. "If ye Believe not his Writings"
4. The Protestant Throne of Britain & the Restoration of the Jews.
5. Tyre & Tarshish of the Latter Days.
6. The Redeemer & The Jubilee.
7. Jacob: His wives & his wages.
8. When will Asher dip his foot in oil? (Part Two)
9. The Valley of Elah
10. EDITORIAL: The Supreme Authority of the Bible
12. John Thomas: The Coming Humiliation of Britain
13. BACK PAGE: "Thy Kingdom Come"


PDF Vol. 24 - #2
A Light to Lighten the Gentiles
and the Glory of Thy People Israel

10. EDITORIAL: "The Scriptures of the Prophets"
12. WRITTEN OVER 100 YEARS AGO:  John Thomas: Seven Golden Lightstands & 7 stars
13. BACK PAGE: A Lamp in The Darkness


PDF Vol. 24 - #1
400 Years of the King James Bible
"...verily their sound went into all the earth, their words unto the ends of the world..." 1611-2011

1.  THE ENGLISH BIBLE The light that ignited a 400 year-long
Battle about Religious Authority & Freedom from its chains.
2.  The Value of Bible Reading
3.  THE KING JAMES VERSION: Majestic in Style, Mighty in Influence.
4.  THE INCREDIBLE LAMPSTAND: Its Foreshadowing of the number of books in the Bible
5.  THE BIBLE: A Reliable Book for Today
6.  CHART: The historical development of the New Testament.
7.  LISTEN O ISLES... and hearken ye people from far! How the English Bible taught Britain to separate from the pope of Rome & restore the Jewish nation
8.  THE GUNPOWDER PLOT: Background to the King James Version
10.  Igniting the wrong message
11.  John Thomas: Bible critics & the Apocalypse
12.  BACK PAGE: The Battle Against the Bible


PDF Vol. 23 - #4
Hebron: Challenge to Faith
Hebron today is a troubled city, but here is also hope...

1.  John Thomas: The Day of Vengeance & Redemption
2.  The late Graham Pearce urges the study of the Apocalypse
3.  Lessons from Hebron
4.  The Personal Devil
5.  Rome's Triumph in Britain
6.  Part Two on Herod the Great
7.  BACK PAGE FEATURE Pillars of Cloud & Fire


PDF Vol. 23 - #3
Britian, Catholic Europe & the Economic Crisis
"And the loftiness of man shall be bowed down, and the haughtiness of men shall be made low..."

1.  John Thomas: The nations before the advent...
2.  “Behold I Come as a Thief”- a time to buy white raiment so that we might be suitably clothed and ready for inspection.
3.  A MILESTONES UPDATE showing the fast changing scene in current affairs and their relevance to Bible prophecy.
4.  The background to Britain’s relations with Catholic Europe in light of the economic crisis.
5.  Spotlight on a significant sign of our times: earthquakes, tsunamis and volcano eruptions.
6.  As many christians today cannot put up a convincing case for
the messiahship of Jesus, here is a consideration of THE MESSIAH OF THE HEBREW SCRIPTURES showing that Jesus is indeed the Christ. This was what the apostles taught.
7.  An exposition of Isaiah 14 identifying Lucifer as the king of Babylon, and not a fallen angel devil.
8.  Disarming Israel: Pressure on Israel’s nuclear force.
9.  A description of how Herod the Great came to power, setting the scene for the period of the gospels.
10.  Back Page Feature: The spider & its silky web


PDF Vol. 23 - #2
Building Up Zion
Unseen by the world, the hand of the Lord is at work.

1.  Written over 100 Years Ago: The coming transfer of power
2.  The fulfillment of prophecy is seen in controversy about settlements upon the mountains of Israel today.
3.  Milestones Update:  The attention is upon Germany, Europe, the Vatican & Russia, as well as the rift between Israel & the U.S.
4.  A Bible Magazine Report on the 2010 Jerusalem Conference features an address by an Israeli archaeologist whose work has been on the Temple Mount.
5.  A few words about depression & despair and where it should lead us.
6.  The truth of the prophecy of Daniel and Jesus is seen in fallen stones around the temple platform today.
7.  The correspondence between dinosaurs and the dragons of the Bible
8.  Another section in the series on "The Personal Devil & his Companions."
9.  The King of Jerusalem considers the counterfeit claimants to Jerusalem's throne.
10.  The entry of the Romans into the Land under Pompey.
11.  Editorial:  Our views can be shaped by the Bible or by the media
12.  Back Page: The shocking Electric Eel


PDF Vol. 23 - #1
A Pan-European Christian-Socialist State
Developments Which Gather the Nations

1.   Written Over 100 Years Ago: An Outline of the Kingdom of God
2.   How Christ's Coming Will Change the World
3.   The Personal Devil & His Companions
4.   The Challenge of Maintaining Integrity in the Face of Trial
5.   Milestones Update: The Ramifications of the New European Lisbon Treaty
6.   Europe's Christian-Socialist Chains
7.   The Symbolic "One Hour" of Revelation 17:12
8.   An Instructive Study of the Feast of the Firstfruits (Feast of Weeks)
9.   Editorial:  Judgment Upon The Nations -- And Why!
10. Background to the Septuagint Version
11. Back Page:  Universe Created by Spirit-Power


PDF Vol. 22 - #4
"In the Beginning God Created..."
Faith in the Word of God Confirmed

1. The Bible & Science
2. An Outline of the Kingdom of God
3. Written over 100 Years Ago:  True Fellowship Through the Word
4. Messianic Prophecies
5. Lessons from Lot's Wife
6.  Milestones Update: Unfolding World Events in Relation to Bible Prophecy
7. Economic Crisis:  The Battle of the Currencies (Euro vs. Dollar) and Where it Will Lead
8. In the Beginning God Created: Six Creation Days (cover story)
9.  Modesty in the Modern World
10. Internet Filtering
11. Editorial: The Rise of Islam
12. Back Cover: The Stars


PDF Vol. 22 - #3
Rome: Israel's Formidable Foe
From Titus to Today--Rome Has Been the Enemy of the Jews

1. An Outline of the Kingdom of God
2. Correspondence with Lord Palmerston
3. Written over 100 Years Ago:  A Controversy with the Nations
4. An Exclusive Interview: Sir Martin Gilbert concerning The Story of Israel and John Thomas' Elpis Israel
5. Milestones Update: Unfolding World Events in Relation to Bible Prophecy
6. "As it Was in the Days of Noah"
7. Rome: Israel's Formidable Foe (cover story)
8. Alexander & the New Greek Empire in the Land
9. No; It's Not Dangerous to Visit Israel
10. The Personal Devil & His Companions (continued)
11. Editorial: A Witness Unto All Nations
12. Back Cover: Raccoons


PDF Vol. 22 - #2
The Royal House of David
Archeological remains of King David's palace and the City of David show Biblical accuracy

1. Written Over 100 Years Ago:  The heir to the throne and kingdom of David
2. The Discovery of the House of David in Jerusalem. (cover story)
3. Milestones Update: The main players in Israel and the Middle East as the final picture develops
4. Editorial: Humanism--Enemy of the God of Israel
5. New leader of the Russian Orthodox Church
6. A study of the Passover feast
7. The Personal Devil & His Companions (continued)
8. The importance of Bible Truth
9. The New Testament requires the restoration of the Kingdom of Israel
10. Ancient inscriptions from the Royal palace in Jerusalem
11. Back Cover: Sheep & Creationists


PDF Vol. 22 - #1
Waiting for Messiah
The Hope of Israel in a World of Terror and Corrupt Government

  1. Editorial: Waiting for Messiah... Events in Israel & the world require the early advent (cover story).
  2. Re-union of Roman and Russian Orthodox Churches, an alliance against Christ?
  3. Watchmen Upon Thy Walls: Did Christadelphians influence world leaders in favour of the Jews?
  4. The Persians in the Land, and the Consequences of Their Rule.
  5. Written Over 150 Years Ago: Speak Out the Truth & the Two Regions of Tarshish
  6. Terror in Tarshish - India
  7. Milestones Update: The Financial crisis, and events in Europe, Russia & Israel.
  8. Advice and Exhortation for Those Desiring to Grow in Knowledge.
  9. The Personal Devil & his Companions (continued)
  10. Back Cover: The Pine Tree Beetle & its Antibiotic


PDF Vol. 21 - #4
Special Issue: Russia Triumphant and Europe Chained
The Czar-like policies of Vladimir Putin are placing Russia on a course foretold in the Bible.

  1. Russia Triumphant and Europe Chained (cover story)
  2. Written Over 150 Years Ago: Russia Triumphant & Europe Chained!
  3. Milestones Update: The Russian Bear, the collapse of the World economy & the Pope maneuvers
  4. Russia's Conquest of Europe Foretold in the Bible
  5. Russia & Her Association with the Roman Empire.
  6. Editorial: The Approaching Era of Panic
  7. How Readest Thou? The Thief in Paradise.
  8. The Personal Devil & his Companions (continued)
  9. The Pool of Siloam
  10. Back Cover: The Bear


PDF Vol. 21 - #3
Britain & The European Union
The Apostasy, Judgement & Repentance of a Nation

  1. Apostasy & Britain's Surrender to Europe (cover story)
  2. Milestones Update: Europe, Russia, & the advance of the Roman Church
  3. New Series: The Personal Devil & his Companions
  4. The Re-discovery of the City of David
  5. Written Over 150 Years Ago: The Position of the British Lion when the Russian Bear Invades the Holy Land
  6. The House of Jacob in Relation to the Royal House of David
  7. How Readest Thou? "Many Mansions"
  8. Editorial: The Teacher & The Scholar
  9. The Trans-Atlantic Alliance
  10. Special Report: Wingate of Judea – Ein Harod & the SNS
  11. Back Cover: The Tall Story of the Giraffe


PDF Vol. 21 - #2
The Gospel of the Kingdom of Israel
The Forgotten Gospel of the Kingdom

  1. HEBRON: City of the Patriarchs
  2. Churchill's support for a Jewish State: "I am their Friend"
  3. The Gospel of the Kingdom of Israel, the "forgotten" Gospel as taught by Christ’s apostles.(cover story)
  4. Zionism & the Return to the Land
  5. Written Over 100 Years Ago: "Elpis Israel"–A Book for the Times
  6. How Readest Thou? "I and the Father are one"
  7. Building the Cities of Judah in the Face of World Opposition
  8. Milestones Update: Russia continues to make grand moves.
  9. Report on Event in South Africa
  10. Editorial: The Discovery of the Truth in the 19th Century
  11. Back Cover: Weaver Bird & Instinct


PDF Vol. 21 - #1
Enemies of Israel
The Shocking Truth About The Vatican & The Jewish State (cover story)

  1. The Development of Israel Before Armageddon: 1948-2008 Sixty Years of Preparation
  2. Enemies of Israel: How the Vatican & Christian Churches Support Arab Terrorism (cover story)
  3. Are You Ready?
  4. ZION: The Royal City of the Kingdom
  5. Written Over 100 Years Ago: Rachel Weeping for Her Children
  6. How Readest Thou? Before Abraham Was...
  7. Elon Moreh: A Place With Promise
  8. Milestones Update: The Search for Peace
  9. Christ & the Churches
  10. Editorial: Purifying Our Hearts by Faith
  11. The Babylonians in the Land
  12. Back Cover: The Earth's Core


PDF Vol. 20 - #4
The Battle for Europe
The Apocalypse in Europe Over the Past 200 Years (cover story)

  1. The Great European Earthquake: The End of the Old Order & The Birth of the Modern World
  2. The Empire Strikes Back! The First World War: Who & What was Behind it
  3. Rise of the Third Reich The Vatican & The Rome-Berlin Axis
  4. Russia & The Fourth Reich A United Europe Led by Russia, Germany & The Vatican

These four articles by Paul Billington published in one issue provide an overview of the Apocalypse fulfilling during the last two centuries and give us an understanding of the historical background to current events.

  1. Written Over 100 Years Ago: The Perfect Humanity of Jesus
  2. Milestones Update: the EU's Character & Britain’s Membership Questioned
  3. Britain's Involvement in the Holy Land From the Crusades to 1948
  4. How Readest Thou? The Kingdom of God is Within You
  5. Editorial: Our Fellowship
  6. Back Cover: The Hedgehog


PDF Vol. 20 - #3
Special Issue: The Merchants of Tarshish
The Daughter of Tyre in the Latter Days (cover story)

  1. Britain: The Daughter of Tyre
  2. Britain, the Tyre of the Latter Days
  3. Report: A lecture by Sir Martin Gilbert on Churchill
  4. Tarshish: Getting the pieces together.
  5. Britain, Europe & the Coming Crisis
  6. "The Ships of Tarshish First" (cover story)
  7. Torquay (names in Devon and Cornwall)
  8. Milestones Update: Featuring Britain
  9. British Attitudes Toward Israel
  10. News Comment: Tony Blair, the E.U. & the Pope
  11. Editorial: Why should the rest of us care about Britain?
  12. The Phoenicians in the Land
  13. Back Cover: Gradual Development vs. The Bible


PDF Vol. 20 - #2
War on the Book & It's People
How the controversy of Zion results from unbelief & enmity against Bible Truth. (cover story)

  1. The Gospel of the Kingdom. What was it about?
  2. How Readest Thou? (1) The Adversary Satan.
  3. The Sword of Islam & the Age of Charlemagne, or Islam and the Rise of Germany!
  4. Babylon, Historical & Mystical.
  5. Milestones Update: Developments in Europe etc.
  6. War on the Book & It's People: How the controversy of Zion results from unbelief & enmity against Bible Truth. (cover story)
  7. Corinth: An Ecclesia that Teaches Us.
  8. Editorial: The Need for Reformation.
  9. Mailbox: Questions about Elijah & the Restoration.
  10. The Assyrians in the Land
  11. Creation: The Camel, Designed for the Desert.


PDF Vol. 20 - #1
"If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem..."
Religious Zionists of all ages march around the temple gates in Jerusalem (cover story)

  1. The Feast of Tabernacles will be kept by all nations in the future age when the temple is built.
  2. The Bible Magazine visits a unique school in Beit El, Israel.
  3. Religious Zionists sing “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem...” and pray for the coming of Messiah and the building of the temple. What is the origin of this movement? Where is it leading? (cover story)
  4. Bible Magazine Editor interviews Yishai Fleisher of Israel National Radio (Arutz Sheva).
  5. The Origin & Remedy of Evil (Part 5). "Bruising the satan's head."
  6. Milestones Update: Tensions build up in the Middle East with nations preparing for a possible regional war.
  7. John Ramsden finds a connection between Catholic & Orthodox Churches in a dispute over Santa!
  8. Editorial: The Unknown Messiah. The real Messiah recognized by neither Jew nor Christian.
  9. Ken Loveridge visits the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and discusses the controversy that rages there.
  10. Creation: The water of life.


PDF Vol. 19 - #4
The Great Voice
The Truth Behind Media Bias & Manipulation of Public Opinion (cover story)

  1. Milestones Update: What are some of the results of the Lebanon war?
  2. Michael Shterenshis in Israel tells of his journey into the Lebanon war zone.
  3. How Strong is The Strongest Strong's?
  4. John Thomas demonstrates a meaning of blasphemy that is relevant today.
  5. The Origin & Remedy of Evil (Part 4). "Putting Sin to Death"
  6. Ken Langston discusses why we must have a correct understanding of prophecy.
  7. The Papal Conquest: how the Vatican came to terms with the French Revolution.
  8. Napoleon & The Restoration of the Jews. Part 2: The Great Sanhedrin
  9. Paul Billington writes of The Great Voice - or, a mouth speaking great things, fulfilling via the media (cover story).
  10. Unfinished Business & the war in Lebanon.
  11. Editorial: Governing religion by democracy has always had its problems!
  12. Creation: Dead leaves in the Fall are not necessarily dead!


PDF Vol. 19 - #3
Why Israel Must Overcome the Palestinian Menace
Why a continuing Palestinian terror campaign cannot succeed against Israel (cover story)

  1. The Vatican & The Jewish Return: Opposition to Balfour and the concept of a Jewish State
  2. John Thomas considers the Moses-like prophet
  3. The Origin & Remedy of Evil (Part 3). When we come to years, what are we ashamed of?
  4. Editorial: The Terrible Burden of Sin
  5. The Roman Beast: A Wolf in Sheep's clothing! Identifying the remarkable features of the Roman system
  6. Israel's New Friend: An Eastern Tarshish—India
  7. News Analysis: Gaza Re-engaged
  8. Milestones Update: Current affairs round-up
  9. Shiloh Revisited. Where the tabernacle once stood
  10. Napoleon & The Restoration of the Jews (Part 2)
  11. Creation: What we can learn from a bird-brain & the Bible


PDF Vol. 19 - #2
Israel's Next 25 Years
Jerusalem Conference

  1. Concerns for the Future—Israel's Agenda for the Next Generation (cover story)
  2. John Thomas writes about Mediatorship, a subject of current interest.
  3. Ron Kidd looks at the question of the Holy Spirit Gifts and claims made for it.
  4. Paul Billington continues the series on The Origin and Remedy of Evil.
  5. David Billington looks at spiritual lessons in the Hebrew poetry of the Psalms.
  6. Milestones Update by Don Pearce focuses upon events in Israel.
  7. Editorial: Related to our back page feature, the speculations & theories of men are contrasted with the plain and simple testimony of the Bible.
  8. New light on the Pool of Siloam & the King's Garden in Jerusalem.
  9. Ken Loveridge highlights Napoleon's emancipation of the Jews.
  10. Expulsion of settlers from Amona in the West Bank. More to come?
  11. Creation: Believe it or Not! Can we really believe what the Bible tells us about creation or must we look for more “scientific” explanations?


PDF Vol. 19 - #1
Iran: Playing With Fire

  1. Iranian President Plays with Fire! “Israel must be wiped off the map” (cover story)
  2. An introduction to Christ's Last Message by Islip Collyer in the book Vox Dei.
  3. John Ramsden has a postscript to his article on the Roman Connection.
  4. Graham Pearce wrote about Ishmael, the Arabs and Bible Prophecy.
  5. Milestones Update by Don Pearce brings another sound analysis of current events as they relate to prophecy fulfilling.
  6. Editorial: The “Arab” view of prophecy, though at times appearing to fit current events has proved to be faulty. There are good reasons for rejecting it now.
  7. Frank Abel interviews the Director of Yad Vashem library in Jerusalem.
  8. Witnesses in the Past: Stirring words from those who were slain for the word of God.
  9. John Thomas - The testimony of Scripture concerning the Kingdom of God.
  10. The first article on The Origin and Remedy of Evil: Devils and Demons.
  11. Ken Loveridge traces the historical background to claims that are made concerning the Holy Places in the Land of Israel today.
  12. Creation: Like many man-made theories, the moon is not made of green cheese!


PDF Vol. 18 - #3
Gaza: Palestinian Terror & The Jewish Settlers

  1. The Gaza Strip: Centre for a PLO State?
  2. Gaza & the Jewish Settlers: An Unseen Hand at Work
  3. “The Regeneration” Not Fulfilled in the Church
  4. A Temple Designed 2600 Years Ago & Not Yet Built!
  5. Israel: Faithful & Unfaithful Witness
  6. Britain & the Islamic Threat
  7. Editorial: Darkness Covering the Earth
  8. The Western Wall— Kotel (Part 2)
  9. Revised & Updated Prophecy Seminar
  10. Milestones Update: Events in Britain, in Europe and the Middle East are changing the political scenery of today's world.
  11. Creation: Mt. St. Helens.