Men are sometimes apt to think, that if they could but see a miracle wrought in favour of religion, they would readily resign their scruples, believe without doubt, and obey without reserve.

The very thing that you desire, you have. You have the greatest and most striking of miracles in the series of scripture-prophecies accomplished; accom-plished, as we see, in the present state of almost all nations, the Africans, the Egyptians, the Arabians, the Turks, the Jews, the Papists, the Protestants, Nineveh, Babylon, Tyre, the seven churches of Asia, Jerusalem, and Rome. And this is not a transient miracle, ceasing almost as soon as performed; but is permanent, and protracted through the course of many generations. It is not a miracle delivered only upon the report of others, but is subject to your own inspection and examination.

It is not a miracle exhibited only before a certain number of witnesses, but is open to the observation and contemplation of all mankind; and, after so many ages, is still growing, still improving to future ages. What stronger miracle therefore can you require for your conviction? or what will avail, if this be found ineffectual?

Alas, if you reject the evidence of prophecy, neither would you be persuaded though one should rise from the dead. What can be plainer? You see, or may see, with your own eyes, the scripture-prophecies accomplished: and if the scripture prophecies are accomplished, the scripture must be the word of God; and if the scripture is the word of God, the Christian religion must be true.

Thomas Newton

Dissertations on The Prophecies, 1754

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