Evidence of Destruction Picture of coin depicting Titus
Titus ordered his army to destroy both the City and the Temple. The marks of that destruction remain even today!

Picture of Jerusalem in destruction

The seige brought starvation and terrible suffering, but the Jews did not give up. Titus ordered assault ramps to be built and for the gates to the inner courts and porticoes of the temple to be set on fire. As the Romans moved in for the kill, the fate of the Jewish city and temple was sealed. Amidst terrible bloodshed they fell.

Titus had a path cleared so that he could go straight into the inner sanctuary of the temple -- but on his arrival he found it empty. All the temple treasures were gone, and have never been found.

Today one can still see the scorch-marks of the A.D.70 fire burnt into the Herodian masonry that remains. Archaeologists working on the site pictured right have found gruesome skeletal remains of those who suffered -- and black soot from the fire that engulfed them.