Bible Magazine Contents for VOL 9 - Issue 1

Picture of War Machines ARMAGEDDON

Where and When?

John Ramsden
Where is the place called in the Hebrew tongue "Armageddon"? Neither the plain of Megiddo or the small Kidron valley seems likely sites. Follow the argument set out by John Ramsden in this issue and discover the meaning in this Biblical code-word. When will it happen? Some think it will be before Christ's return, others after the advent.

Picture of Mount Olives The Mount Olivet Prophecy Fred Crawford
From the Mount Olives (pictured right) Jesus foretold of the destruction of the city of Jerusalem which came to pass in A.D. 70. There are some important lessons in this for us today -- lessons which involve the purpose of prophecy.

Continuing the subject of baptism from our last issue, the writer now proceeds to consider baptism of fire. What does it mean, to be baptised with the Holy Spirit?

A GREAT SIGN IN HEAVEN! A comment on Europes twelve stars.

Picture of a Beast The European Beast
Paul Billington
The so-called Holy Roman Empire is depicted in the book of Revelation as a lamb-like Beast. The history and character of that empire perfectly fits the requirements of prophecy, first under Charlemagne and then under the Holy Roman emperors. That empire was dismembered by Napolean, but efforts to revive it resulted in World War 1 and then World War 2. It is now being seen again today, in the European Union.


(Wrested Scriptures)

Nigel Bernard


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