Therefore be ye also ready... -- Matt 24:44. Picture of Escape

Many First Century Believers escaped the Roman destruction because they saw the future reality that Jesus of Nazareth had described to them. When Titus attacked, they had fled -- Matt 24:15-18.
Picture of Candlestick

Believers today should see the signs of the times and prepare their lives with the certain knowledge that the present world will pass away, and Christ will come. 2 Peter 3:11.

In ages past, God has had among the nations a people of His own. These are wise in the wisdom of God, and venerate His word above all things. Though not His counsellors, He has graciously condescended to inform them what He intends to do before it comes to pass. Hence, it is testified by the prophet, that "the Lord God will surely do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." (Amos 3:7). This revelation is made that His people's faith may be confirmed and enlarged, and that in every generation they may know the times and seasons to which they stand related. Knowing the signs, they are enabled to discern the times; and while consternation and dismay cause men's hearts to fail, they are courageous, and rejoice in perceiving the approach of the kingdom of God. This is the proper use of the prophetic word...

From these premises, we may conclude that, as the Lord has also revealed what is to come to pass in these latter days, it is both our duty and privilege to make ourselves acquainted with it, that our faith may grow and be strengthened; that our affections be detached from the fleeting present, and set more firmly on things to come; that our minds may be fortified against error; and that we may be prepared to meet the Lord as those who have kept their garments, and shall not be put to shame.

John Thomas.

Elpis Israel.