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The Gospel of Christ

Graham Pearce shows the link between Christ's Gospel and Israel.

Picture of Capernaum Synagogue The Gospel of the Kingdom

Ron Kidd shows in this article that the Gospel which Jesus Christ taught in the synagogues of Galilee had been preached to Abraham in the Old Testament -- it was essentially the same message.

Understanding Prophecy Can Save Us

Why is there so much prophecy in the Bible? David Lawrence shows how prophecy can save us if we will take heed to it.

Picture of Space Space-Age Immortal Soulism

What is immortality and where can it be found? Is it a reward in heaven or in some other space-time dimension? Or is it right down here on earth? Paul Billington looks at various theories in the light of Bible Truth.

Holy War in the Balkans

Comment on recent events.

How Archaeologists Uncovered Assyria & Babylon

Amazing finds made 100 years ago that put us in direct touch with Bible times and characters are discussed by the late W.H. Boulton.

EDITORIAL: This is Not Peace!

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