The Amazing Survival of The Book of The Lord


600 B.C. King Jehoiakim BURNS Jeremiah’s scroll in the fire —Jer 36:20-25.






1st Century A.D. CORRUPTION and FORGERY of New Testament texts (2 Thess. 2:2) and profusion of Gnostic writings (1 John 4:1-6).
2nd and 3rd Centuries — Anti-Christian persecution in the Roman Empire (Rev 6:9).  Spurious texts in circulation.
AD 303. Emperor Diocletian orders all Christian books to be BURNT.
Handwritten copies of the Scriptures jealously guarded and handed down during several centuries by the Paulicans.
In 312 Constantine became emperor. He persecuted the Donatists and ordered a Biblical text from Eusebius.
In 382 Damasus ordered Jerome’s Latin Vulgate, thus establishing the Roman Catholic text.
AD 870. Paulicans are exiled from Armenia to Constantinople & Thrace:Their books are ordered BURNT.
AD 1223 Council of Toulouse, France, prohibits the Bible to laymen. (Period of the Albigenses &Waldenses).
AD 1229. Catholic Church in the Council of Valencia places the Bible on the Index of Forbidden Books.
AD 1525-1543. William Tyndale translates the Bible into English - copies are BANNED, siezed & BURNT. All Bibles bearing Tyndale’s name ordered BURNT again under the supervision of the Catholic Church in 1543.
AD 1545-1563 Council of Trent condemns the proposition that "the Holy Scriptures contain all things necessary for salvation." The counter- Reformation set in progress by this council and Apocryphal books added to the canon.
AD 1610. The Catholic "Duay" version compiled by Jesuits.
AD1611. The King James Version
Development & growth of Humanist philosophy.
18th & 19th Centuries. Textual criticism of the Bible begins to cast doubt upon inspiration of Scriptures.
AD 1859. Darwin popularizes the Theory of Evolution, challenging the book of Genesis.
AD1869. Pope declared to be infallible.
AD1898. Pope condemns Bible Societies (such as The British & Foreign Bible Society).
Textual critics present Scripture as having evolved
The Bible BANISHED from schools (various countries)
1957 Stocks of Bibles belonging to the British &Foreign Bible Society confiscated & BURNT in Madrid, Spain.
Evidence from archaeology and sciences confirming the Truth of Scripture suppressed.
Media Campaign to discredit The Bible