Will Britain Become Roman Catholic?


ver since Church leaders dropped the pretence of believing that Scripture was either holy or true, the English-speaking world has lacked the moral leadership and consequently the quality of life that was once derived from that well known "Good Book". The general public of the current generation has been fed the idea that the ancient Scriptures are of human origin, that they abound with countless contradictions and mistakes and that anyone who believes them to be true must be a crackpot or a simpleton—or both. We are now seeing the fruits of that teaching in the break-down of our social structures—and this is especially evident in the appalling disintegration of the family unit. Today, there is a blatant disregard of the moral and spiritual values that were once respected by people generally. Whether we recognize it or not, we are witnessing not only a transformation of society—but a whole civilization in process of collapse. As Britain’s historic Protestant Church, throne and constitution begins to disintegrate, many who seek a spiritual dimension to life have turned to the Church of Rome as a pillar of religious authority.

Britain’s Unfaithfulness

The situation in Great Britain today, the oldest country in the English speaking world, mirrors the condition of all those societies that are historically related to her. In earlier days these countries shared language and faith—and most of them were dominions of the British monarch. That family relationship between nations is now being threatened as the leaders of Australia, Canada and New Zealand are exploring ways in which to break their ties to a "foreign" crown. As their common faith has evaporated, so also has the kinship which former generations valued—and Britain herself has led the way. The first step was unbelief; rejecting the Bible and its principles. The second step was the turning away from her own family of nations, and seeking the partnership of Roman Catholic Europe. The result is a whole civilization and way of life in process of collapse.

Those few who still believe the Scriptures may perceive a connection between unfaithfulness and judgement. They may even recall specific passages of Scripture which sets out the principle involved; for example Jeremiah 18:9, 10; and Psalm 9:17.

False Shepherds

The English-speaking world has lost faith in the Bible because its church leaders were either unable or else unwilling, to defend it against critics. That the critics were very often high ranking leaders of the church themselves, only serves to demonstrate how false and hypocritical the system had become.

The condition of the Church of England was described by a popular British writer, Malcolm Muggeridge, in a 1966 article. He wrote:

"It is not only in the rafters and pews of its edifices that dry rot and the death-watch beetle are at work, the whole body and structure of the Church are likewise in an advanced state of decay... Some Gibbon, writing of these strange times centuries hence, may get a wry laugh out of the spectacle of... Honourable and Right Honourable Members ardent for the Thirty-Nine Articles embodying (as the Royal Warrant puts it) "the true Doctrine of the Church of England agreeable to God’s Word," about which they know nothing and care less, and which few of the bishops and clergy on whose behalf they are legislating any longer even pretend to believe, though all have solemnly assented to them to become ordained."

This has been the nature of the spiritual and moral leadership of Britain for 40 or 50 years. Muggeridge continued:

"Scarcely a day goes by but some buffoon in holy orders makes an exhibition of himself in one way or another, more often than not on the subject of sex..."

Weekend Telegraph, Jan 28, 1966.

A similar situation has been seen in the rest of the English-speaking civilization as well. Those "T.V. evangelists" in North America, whilst forecasting the end of the world, were themselves found guilty of tax fraud and immorality, often earning lengthy terms of imprisonment and dragging the name of Christ through all the filthy stench of their wicked works.

It is no wonder that, with the leadership that it has had, society has become such a pit of iniquity. The whole system is rotten to the core—and it has come about this way, because the spiritual shepherds have abandoned what responsibility they ever had, neither believing or obeying the word of the Living God.

Fruits of Unfaithfulness

Not knowing the Scriptures or the power of God, these false shepherds—perceiving that their own house was about to be left desolate, and seeking some vestige of professional dignity went from bad to worse by trying to cut a deal with the pope of Rome!

Most of their flocks having already abandoned ship for the tavern and the television set, and unconscious of any meaning in their national history, have looked on goggle-eyed as the Royal Family, one by one, has been implicated in some scandal. That there has been a well-orchestrated campaign to seriously damage the Royal reputation and undermine their traditional role in the area of moral leadership, escapes most people. Some newspapers have hinted that there may be a deliberate and malicious campaign against the House of Windsor — but no one even dares to indicate who might be responsible for it.

With hardly a whimper of protest from a deluded public, the national heritage and sovereignty has been sold for a mess of European pottage, while the "defender of the Faith" and monarch of the realm, has become gradually more and more irrelevant. The whole Royal act, which was intended to dazzle the populace into patriotic submission, is now being held up as a ridiculous farce.

The intention is that the present system will be replaced by one which recognizes the pope in Rome as the "moral leader of the world" and head of all churches. This would mark the final triumph of Rome’s authority over that of Scripture. If this were ever to come about, it would be an even greater farce than the present one.

Britain’s Future

The fact that the Bible is true after all, will one day become irresistibly evident. Bible prophecy shows us that a land called Tarshish will, in the latter days, be a prominent trader in the Middle East, and will protest against the evil designs of a Russo-European gathering of nations (Ezekiel 38:13). As we have shown on previous occasions, this Tarshish is Britain. The evidence for this is substantial, and there is no reasonable alternative identification. It would seem however, that this latter-day Tarshish must suffer humiliation (Isaiah 2:10-17) and a terrible defeat, probably at the hands of the Northern aggressor (Daniel 11:40-42), and then at the hands of the Lord (Psalm 48:7).

Humiliation and military defeat of Britain however, would never be sufficient in itself to turn the nation to seek God; especially in the present state of spiritual ignorance of its people. There has to be enlightenment. A vigorous testimony such as Jonah delivered to Nineveh has to be heard in those Islands. How and when this may happen we cannot be sure, but it may well be that the demise of the apostate Church of England which we have seen in recent decades, as well as the exposure of the whole fraudulent system, is a necessary preliminary to an effective testimony.

A Changing World

The break-down of the present state-religious system such as appears to be taking place, could lead to far-reaching consequences. The disestablishment of the Church of England, with the Queen’s position as Head of the Church being abolished—as is being currently discussed—could result in a major constitutional upheaval in Britain. Such an upheaval would not be without its effect in the Commonwealth or in Europe.

Whenever there is a fundamental transformation of the political and religious landscape in a nation (such as has happened in Russia during recent years), the vital question is, what will replace the existing character of things? Those who bring about the collapse of an existing system (as Mr. Gorbachev did in Russia’s case), may not have as much control as they would like in the formation of its replacement. This could turn out to be so in Britain’s case.

All the evidence suggests that the key influence in the transformation of Britain has been the Roman Church. Likewise, Roman Catholic leaders in Australia and Canada are preparing to cut ties with the Protestant throne. In Britain as well as in other English-speaking countries Rome has been using her "Lay Apostolate" with great effect. Her control of the media, of education, the judiciary and other vital areas has been harnessed in order to destroy the Protestant system that has opposed her for centuries. But Rome’s influence—as effective as it appears— is out of all proportion to her numerical strength, especially in Britain. Ten years ago Catholics in England counted for only 8.6% of the population. Wales 5.2% and Scotland 15.9% (Catholic Almanac). Even those figures are probably exaggerated so that even a dramatic increase will not have altered the picture all that much. Most people in Britain today are shy of any form of organized religion at all and prefer to keep their religious opinions (if they have any) to themselves. There is just no guarantee that the Catholic influence and manipulations that are bringing down the credibility and standing of the old regime will continue to give shape to a new one— even though they may like to do so. Who knows but that God who "removeth kings, and setteth up kings" (Daniel 2:21), could introduce a new and unexpected element into the situation at a crucial moment?

A New Element?

We have said that there must be enlightenment at some point—an effective testimony to the truth of the Bible. This suggestion is not made without scriptural basis. First, there is the plain statement in Isaiah 66:19 that the Lord will send messengers to Tarshish and to other nations. This of course, is after Christ’s advent and will give rise to a response such as we read of in Isaiah 24:14,15.

It would appear from what we are told in God’s word that even before the Lord manifests his power and glory in the destruction of Gog in the Holy Land, the merchants of Tarshish "with all the young lions thereof" will have become opposed to the designs of the Russo-European antagonist (Ezek. 38:13). This suggests that Britain, as the biblical Tarshish, will have somehow become separated from Catholic Europe by this time. The cause of the separation is not revealed. It seems that some new element has been introduced so as to bring about Britain’s mistrust of the Russo-European assembly of nations. As in the reign of James II, when Roman Catholicism was being imposed upon England against the will of the people, there was a virtual revolution which brought William of Orange to the throne — so now, the unpopular sell-out to Europe may bring about a strong reaction, but time will tell!

Increasing Weight of Evidence

Over the years a massive body of evidence has been accumulating which leads to the inevitable conclusion that the Bible is telling us the truth. The theory of evolution as a means of explaining the existence of mankind, is in tatters—and many professionals know it, though they find it expedient not to face the (at present) unthinkable alternative. Explanations for the origin of the universe are in similar disarray— school teachers are having to continue trotting out the now exploded "Big Bang Theory" to students, simply because they have no real alternative. Piece by piece—meeting incredible resistance all the way—archaeology is demonstrating that the Bible is definitely not built upon ancient myths. The people, as well as many of the events recorded in Scripture, are part of a real history that can no longer be reasonably denied. The evidence of this is now embarrassing! We can then add a whole catalogue of evidence which demonstrates that the Bible anticipated future events—the destinies of empires and nations including Egypt, Babylon, Rome and others. The course of Israel’s history—of dispersion and then restoration—was clearly foretold by the prophets...we could go on. The point is that all this evidence is building up to become an irresistible pressure, which is bound to break forth sooner or later upon the consciousness of society. It simply awaits the right moment. Today it is not politically convenient, but it is inevitable that at some point the fact of Divine revelation will force itself upon our world.

Let this evidence be brought to light and placed before the people and it will doubtless cause "the kings of Tarshish and of the isles" (Psa. 72:10) to render obedience to the King of Israel, Jesus the Christ, when he comes. The impact of this evidence would reverberate around the English-speaking world and would influence many different nations, so that many people would go, and say, "Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths..." (Isa. 2:3).

This "house of the God of Jacob" is the great temple of Ezekiel’s prophecy. When it is built—as it most certainly will be—Jerusalem, and not Rome, will be the centre of worship for the whole world. The "lies and vanity" which compose the religions of today will have all been exposed as fraudulent (Jer. 16:19), and in place of it "...the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea" (Habakkuk 2:14).