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Some Bible Magazine produced videos available in Real Media format for online viewing.


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The Lions of Tarshish

For Zion's Sake Part One

How the influence of the English Bible brought about the restoration of Israel.

The twentieth century has seen momentous events - events which provide clear evidence of God's hand at work as He brings together the strands of history in order to conform to those things spoken through His prophets in ancient times.

An outstanding feature of this century has been the restoration of the nations of Israel - and also the way in which English-speaking nations have been employed to establish this national home and protect its existence in a hostile environment.

This video shows the remarkable way in which Britain and her allies were prepared for their mission through the influence of the English Bible. All these things have happened For Zion's Sake!

In the Shadow of the Beast

For Zion's Sake Part Two

The Second World war is known for the terrible things that took place, and especially the Holocaust. Could such things ever happen again?

This video, examines the question in the light of Bible prophecy which predicts a yet future "time of trouble such as never was." Yet deliverance and salvation are inseparably bound up with this, offering hope and confidence in a future that Almighty God has promised. World events today are leading to this conclusion.

The LORD's Controversy with the Nations

For Zion's Sake Part Three

The Bible describes a formidable multinational force that will come against the mountains of Israel in the latter days. The target will be settlements such as that seen above, and which are developing amidst controversy today.

Those nations who have promoted and protected the Jewish State will be unable to defend it against the invader. This movie explains why. The God of Israel, through Jesus Christ and his faithful ones will then be revealed in power before the world.